First Friday 2021

Sophomores took advantage of the turf fields and competed in a cornhole tournament. The grade was divided into teams of two for this event.

This year’s First Friday activities engaged students across the upper school in a variety of grade-specific activities.

Freshman scattered throughout the campus, collecting supplies to build sea-worthy boats made out of cardboard and duck tape. Later in the afternoon, they showcased and tested their boats in the Johnson Center pool. Ms. Moriarty’s advisory took first place. 

The sophomores participated in a day full of different events, including a campus-wide scavenger hunt, corn hole competition and art activity. Students painted bowls and donated them to a local food bank. 

Juniors participated in the annual tradition of writing and performing speeches, with Mr. Teacher kicking off the day with an acting workshop.

Head of School Mr. Wirtz hosted an outdoor breakfast for the seniors. They later spent time participating in a workshop with the college counseling staff, and enjoyed a pizza truck lunch.