Spirit Week

Credit: Kami Lim
Seniors Dechhen Sherpa, Maren McCrossan, and Vanessa Restrepo dress up Zack and Cody. The 2005 sitcom is a childhood Disney TV show classic.

This year’s Spirit Week, featuring four themes, saw students showing their school spirit by dressing up accordingly throughout the week.
On Monday, the theme was jersey day, encouraging students to support their favorite athletes and teams by wearing the jersey of their favorite sports team.
Community Council hosted an afternoon soccer match on Akin Common. Players from all upper school grades were divided into four teams that rotated off after a goal was scored.
Tuesday’s theme had students dressing as a character from their favorite childhood TV show. Students wore outfits inspired by many different TV characters, including characters from Zack and Cody, iCarly and Looney Tunes to name a few.
Wednesday’s theme of the day: Beach Day where students sported their typical beach attire, including Hawaiian shirts, bathing suits, and flip flops.
Spirit Week ended on Friday with Blackout Day. Students wore all black outfits and attended Mr. Arnold’s pep rally during the morning break to show school spirit for the games that would take place at the Fall Sting.