Ms. Swan Takes on Hackley Libraries

After the departure of Brianna Judkins at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, Jennifer Swan is taking over the library department as chair and will serve as the Upper School librarian. The role of being chair entails overseeing all functions of the library. This includes ordering books and supplies as well as supporting the other librarians in their work across the Lower and Middle Schools.

Ms. Swan also gives book recommendations, visits history and science classes to teach research skills, and shares books she thinks students would enjoy. She has already made a great impact on campus by working with Ms. Jean to think of new ways for the library to support Hackley’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals. One recent example is the Hispanic Heritage Month display in the library.

Ms. Swan formerly worked in Manhattan at The Little Red School House for 21 years where she was the library department chair of the middle school. Covid-19 influenced Ms. Swan’s decision to leave her previous position as she lived in Queens and wanted to move out of the city, which she finds to be a great change.

She has enjoyed working with Upper School students, something she previously didn’t have experience with, because they are more “independent, mature, know what they want, and are great conversationalists”. She is “happiest when there are tons of students here (in the library)”, Ms. Swan said.

Ms. Swan also hopes to merge the Santomero and Steinberg school libraries to be considered as the Hackley Libraries. She has launched a new Hackley Libraries Instagram account which features new books and programs as well as some of the great contests and displays Ms. Schmitt, the Library Administrative Assistant, creates.

She loves to read and give book recommendations; at the moment, her favorite book is Concrete Kids by Amyra Leon. It is a collection of poems about Leon’s life and growing up as a musician and playwright as well as discussing adolescence and young adulthood. She believes it is a great short read and a good way to dip into poetry for those who are interested.

Hackley is thrilled to have such a passionate new library department chair who enjoys her position, working with students, and even providing book recommendations.