The Halloween Parade Returns

4 seniors dressed up as the Founding Fathers. They used a cardboard cutout of Mount Rushmore to add to the creativity of their costume.

Halloween at Hackley was celebrated on October 29th, 2021 with a day full of festivities.
Students showed up to school wearing their costumes, with costumes ranging from a vending machine to the Ghostbusters to students dressing up as Mr. Wirtz and Mr. Cice.
Community Council held a costume contest in the Upper School and gave out awards to the funniest, best group, and most creative costumes.
The annual Lower School Parade returned this year to full form with parents allowed on campus under the auspices of the visitor policy. Lower school students and teachers showcased their costumes as they walked Akin Common to an audience of many Middle and Upper School students and teachers who showed their support for the younger students.