Live Audience Returns to Winter Coffeehouse

Senior Clare Didden performs her own song “Around the Bend”. Didden’s performance was her first in front of an audience of her original piece.

Hosts Niky Dhakad and Serina Fasciano led a night full of fun at the Winter Coffeehouse. The night featured ten performances that took the audience through a variety of music, with songs by various artists including Billy Joel and Taylor Swift, piano solos, and the house band wrapping up the night with a rendition of “Hotel California” by the Eagles. Activities in between performances included joke-telling, a student-wide dance of “Cotton Eye Joe,” and Hackley trivia.
The event was originally only supposed to be streamed online, but due to lowering COVID rates, the artists were able to perform in front of a live audience of 65 students. The HPA decorated Allen Hall for the event with many heart decorations and provided each table with chocolates to celebrate Valentine’s Day.