Ms. Swan brings DEAR to campus

Cliff Chapman, Asashi Goods, and Ej Regalado enjoy the drop everything and read period, reading books on their computers and finishing assignments.

Hackley participated in a Drop Everything and Read period where students were encouraged to grab a book and read for a free period instead of doing other schoolwork. Ms. Swan proposed the idea with the intention for students overwhelmed with work to have a time of silence and enjoyment.

Ms Swan stated, “I know this is a very stressful time with a lot of APs and different assignments due, and I found the period as a gift of time for students to relax and enjoy reading.”

Students’ opinions varied throughout the school as some found the time beneficial while others found the time unnecessary.

Sophomore Harry Rosenthal said, “I surprisingly found the time very enjoyable and peaceful. There aren’t many opportunities at school when it’s so quiet and I don’t have to focus on any schoolwork. I hope in the future we continue to have these periods.”

Freshman Kayce Park said, “The quiet time was peaceful and allowed us to work on stuff we needed to, but I don’t think it should have been mandatory for everyone to participate in.”

As of now, Hackley is still not certain if they will continue to have these DEAR periods in the future.