Great Places to Grab a Meal in Tarrytown

Credit: Kayce Park
The outside of Bibillé on Main Street.

Taco Project, Bibillé, Coffee Labs, Main Street Sweets, and Bistro 12 are Hilltop favorites in Tarrytown. There’s so many options and they are all great for everyone, especially upper school students.

Anytime, anyday, Taco Project is constantly full of hungry customers. Hackley students love to eat here because of how delicious their food is. Among the student favorites the shrimp and chicken tacos stood out. Alex Schiller, a junior on the girls varsity soccer team, said that Taco Project is a great post-game meal. The food is delicious and affordable, with tacos priced at $10, burritos $11 – $12, bowls $12-$14, and quesadillas $13. The staff are extremely friendly, service is fast and the environment is very comforting with its bright, colorful decorations and fun music.

Bibillé is also a hilltop favorite because of their delicious healthy bowls and drinks. Bibillé is an Asian cuisine restaurant that leaves all customers happy. Although very simple, their signature bowls that consist of any choice of meat, rice, and toppings are amazing. It’s super quick and easy for when you are on the go and you will often see Hackley students ordering food from here. Zora Teacher, a sophomore, said the sesame chicken was “incredible and a 100/10,” and Alex called Bibillé “the perfect place for after games.”

Coffee Labs is the perfect place to sit down and do work while drinking a nice cup of coffee. With its relaxing environment and friendly workers, it’s always an enjoyable experience. Some of Hackley students’ favorite drinks from here include an iced chai tea or an iced caramel latte. “The coffee is great straight from the bean,” said Maia Larson, a junior. It never disappoints, and you can even catch Hackley staff here!
Main Street Sweets is a little controversial. On one side, Hackley students state that it is delicious and their ice cream is the best. Jackson Beatty, a sophmore, said, “The ice cream is good and I like the texture.” Meanwhile, sophomore Zora Teacher complains that it’s a little overhyped and there are no crazy flavors. Their menu has the basic ice cream flavors with nothing that stands out. It’s quick and easy, but there are definitely better places out there.

Bistro 12 is a great option for any student who wants to get a little bit more formal for lunch or dinner. With a comforting Italian menu, there is something for everyone. Dial staff recommends the tagliatelle with bolognese, or any kind of risotto they serve. Although it is definitely on the more expensive side, it’s a top-notch meal and the staff really gives off the Italian feel that a consumer is searching for in this kind of restaurant.