Students Use Backpacks as a Way to Express Themselves

Credit: Kayce Park
Freshman Riyaan Ratliff’s doing his homework in the library during his free. His bag is simple but versatile to hold everything.

Backpacks are probably the most useful item that a student uses at Hackley. Especially with our student-athletes bringing more than one bag to school, it creates a variety of backpacks from different brands with unique looks. Every student personalizes and uses backpacks in their own way.
Sophomore India Davis-Hannessian got her brand new The North Face backpack only less than a year ago. She says that there are many great pockets that carry all of her belongings, including her folders, pencils, and laptop. She usually brings only one bag every day, but occasionally she brings two. Sophomore student-athlete Jack Perlman has a customized Nike Hackley basketball bag. He says he loves this bag because he can carry everything with all of the space he has, and he’s also able to represent the team. He’s had it for about a year and a half and still loves it.
Jimmy Mulosmani, a sophomore, has had his Swiss Gear backpack for three years. The versatility of the bag and the use of the pockets allows him to carry all of his usual belongings easily. Additionally, sophomore Zach Berger carries his white Adidas backpack that his mom bought for him over the summer.
“It’s super spacious,” he said, “And I can carry my football stuff in it.”
Sophomore Taylor Safriet loves his “vintage” Jansport backpack because of all its spacious pockets that carry everything he needs. He likes the fact that he has had it for a while because of its versatility. He carries things like his computer, dinosaur folders, and deodorant which he uses daily.
Especially with the new dress code being reinforced, the backpacks allow students to express themselves and be unique in their own ways. They’re also extremely useful due to the amount of weight we carry.