An Alley Oop to Fun: Hackley 3 v3 Basketball Tournament

Teams go head to head in the 3-on-3 tournament. All the group division games are played half-court on the side hoops with all baskets counting as one point. Later the Semi-finals and finals were played on the actual court.

The 3-on-3 basketball tournament is a beloved Hackley tradition that continued this year. Teachers David Sykes and John Gruenberg run a 3-on-3 basketball tournament open to all students in the Upper School. The tournament is divided into a boys’ and girls’ bracket, with prizes going to the winners. Winners received a 3-on-3 t-shirt and a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Students have enjoyed the opportunity to go out and play against their friends in a fun and competitive manner.

Influenced by the upcoming World Cup, the organizers of this year’s tournament changed the tournament format. Four groups were created, with there being four teams in each group. Each team played against the teams in their group once, and the team with the best record in the group advanced to the semi-finals.

“I love being able to play against people I normally wouldn’t be able to play and I loved the new format. I think this should continue to be a tradition and the prizes are a good motivation for people,” Junior Jake Hendelman said.

This year’s winners for the boys’ side were seniors Alex Grant, Angel Ansah, and freshman Jelani Middleton. The team was victorious over the 16 other teams who had entered.

On the girl’s side juniors Ashley Currie, Alessa Mendoza, Remi Meyers were victorious over the four other teams who entered.

With another successful turnout, the possibility of the return of the 3-on-3 tournament is very likely, exciting students and building anticipation for next year.