Performing Arts Students Showcase Their Work in December’s Collage Concert

Because the new Performing Arts Center is currently under construction until 2024, the Zetov Center served as a stage for the orchestra and band. Traditionally, the Zetkov Center was used for sports games and practices, but since the building of the Johnson Center for Athletics, it has housed a variety of school events. On the way to the concert itself, students had to trek all the way around the construction site despite the cold.

Performing Arts Students Showcase Their Work in December’s Collage Concert

To showcase the incredible work they have accomplished during the first half of the school year, Hackley’s orchestra, band, chorus, and drama classes combined their talents to entertain the Upper School only a few days before the start of Winter Break. Before COVID-19, the Collage Concert was an annual tradition widely enjoyed by students, teachers, and performers alike. Unfortunately, during remote learning days, the department was not able to host virtual Collage Concerts.

“Going into the concert, I thought it would just be centered around the band but I was pleasantly surprised by the artistic variety. I liked how some modern music was incorporated because it was easily recognizable. I found the event super entertaining and enjoyed myself a lot,” said senior Charlotte Jealous.

The performers themselves were amazed by the amount of variety presented during the concert as well.

Sophomore and violinist Gabrielle Diaz-Alcantara said, “The pieces prepared by the orchestra had already been rehearsed for our regular Chamber Ensembles Concert. It was cool getting to hear the other groups because band, acting, chorus, and orchestra are all typically separate groups, and we don’t get to overlap for a lot of events other than the Collage Concert.”

Drama performances evoked laughter from the audience, while the orchestra’s performance of “Remember Me” from the movie “Coco” was incredibly moving.

“The Orchestra’s rendition of ‘Remember Me’ was definitely my favorite performance from the concert because of how emotional the music felt. I almost ended up crying! I think the sadness of the song itself combined with the overall skill of the orchestra was really beautiful and helped me feel the music and the emotion behind it,” said Charlotte Jealous.