New Tradition On The Hilltop – the Senior Graduation Walk

Juniors and sophomores walk to the Quad. After being instructed to go back inside or stay outside, the students either line up along the halls or encircle the Quad. The seniors’ final destination on the Graduation Walk was the through the senior lounge and onto the Quad.

June 5, 2023, marked the beginning of a new tradition: the ‘Graduation Walk.’ Yesterday, Hackley’s student body and administration recognized and honored the senior class’ thirteen-year journey from the grades they entered Hackley to twelfth grade. During community time, students of all ages lined the halls of the Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools. Starting at classrooms of the grade they started their Hackley journey, seniors walked down the halls of all three schools, receiving well-deserved applause from students and teachers.

“Watching the seniors finish the graduation walk was a really bittersweet moment,” said junior Jordy Singer, “It’s sad to see the students you looked up to moving on to the next chapter. I’m also excited to enter the twelfth grade. I can’t believe we’re going to be the oldest students at Hackley next year.”

After ending their procession on the Quad, the seniors enjoyed time in the senior lounge before embarking on a day of activities organized by their dean and English teacher, Ms. Jenny Leffler.

“Both the speeches and the graduation walk were so sweet and sentimental. It was a great way to close out my time at Hackley before graduation. It was great to be able to talk and eat together as a grade, especially since it’s one of our last opportunities to unite as a community. I felt really proud but also sad walking through the halls even though I only joined Hackley as a freshman,” said senior Charlotte Jealous.

In the future, the graduation walk will hopefully become a permanent fixture of Hackley’s senior sendoff. Especially for students who were welcomed onto the Hilltop at a young age, the graduation walk will serve as a nostalgic reminder of how much they have grown and accomplished over the years.