Local restaurants serve farm to table food


Credit: Jordan Miller

Restaurant chain Dig Inn brings food fresh from local farmers to supply their almost entirely vegan menu.

Twisted Oak

Located on Tarrytown’s Main Street, local restaurant The Twisted Oak is working hard to maintain sustainability. Their menu changes daily to reflect fresh ingredients available from their local vendors. Chef and owner Michael Cutney cooks with a head-to-tail mindset, striving to use all parts of the animal in his dishes in order to minimize waste. Their menu features fluffy omelets, delicious salads, and creative desserts, making the Twisted Oak great for an early lunch. Their farmhouse omelet was priced at fourteen dollars, and well worth it. Twisted Oak’s high-quality food combined with its sophisticated atmosphere makes for a great restaurant for a night out or brunch.

Dig Inn

Dig Inn is a quick and easy to-go spot with a “farm to counter” mission, meaning they try to bring farm fresh foods directly into their restaurant. It buys their ingredients directly from local farms such as The Piggery in Ithaca, New York. It also has an almost entirely vegan and gluten-free menu. Dig Inn’s most popular order is the market bowl, a customizable dish with a base of either greens or grain, a main, and two sides. Sides include anything ranging from coconut roasted carrots to cashew kale caesar salad. The price of a marketbowl ranges from about 11-15 dollars, depending on the add-ons. If you’re looking for a quick and healthy meal, Dig Inn is perfect.

Sweet Grass Grill

Sweet Grass Grill’s farm fresh dishes served in a relaxed setting is fitting for a weekend brunch or sit down dinner. The menu is ever changing in order to reflect what is in season. Sweet Grass purchases from more than twelve local farms including Stone Barns, Blooming Hill Farm, and Amba Farms. The organic roasted half chicken is one of their specialties, served with fresh potatoes. Costing twenty-four dollars, the chicken is slightly expensive but its sweet taste and filling size were satisfying. Also, be sure to order from their regularly updated Farmer’s Board, a menu made up of the farm fresh specials for that week.