Glowball: A New Twist on Snowball

Some freshman gather to take a picture. The various colors of their dresses all represent the theme well. They are all smiling and enjoying their first dance as one of the many Upper School activities.

The long-awaited return of the Snowball is back… with a new twist: Glowball. The school dance returned this year with a slightly different appearance from Snowball 2020.

The attire for the dance was neon colors and many students showed up with neon outfits to fit the theme. Community Council ran the event with juniors Aidan Aybar and Steven Li controlling the music.

Grades 9-12 were invited and lots of students came to the event. There was face paint on a table which many students used to help resemble the theme. The dance was held outside under the tent in Akin Common with neon decorations and balloons displayed throughout the area.

Council also provided pizza, sodas, and an abundance of desserts. Overall, the music was vibrating throughout the tent and everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves.