Plátanos con queso

By Lauren Ahern, Managing Editor for Social Media

Photo credit: Lauren Ahern
Platanos con queso is a dish that has exceeded popularity far outside the confines of Ecuador. The dish has also become a common menu item for many trendy restaurants with Spanish and Ecuadorian influence.


-two ripe plantains (make sure the plantains are ripe so they are nice and sweet)

-roughly ⅓ cup crumbled uncured Ecuadorian cheese


  1. Cut the plantains. Maria prefers to cut the plantains in half first and then cut the halves lengthwise.
  2. Fill a pan with oil for frying and put it on medium heat. Let the oil sit until it is heated up enough; about a minute or two.
  3. Carefully place plantains into the oil. Make sure not to burn yourself on the hot oil!
  4. When plantains turn brown on the edges turn them over.
  5. When the plantain is brown all around it’s ready. Make sure not to leave them on too long so that they turn black. When taking the plantains out of the oil, put a paper towel on the plate you are placing them on to catch the extra oil.
  6. Serve the plantains on a platter with the cheese next to them. When you take a plantain, sprinkle the cheese on top and it’s ready to eat.