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Credit: Benjy Renton

Hackley faculty and staff enjoy a delicious meal and delectable desserts provided by the Hackley Parents’ Association.

By Amy Chalan, Assistant News Editor

Hackley faculty, staff, and administrators all work to provide a stellar education and  support system for students from Kindergarten to twelfth grade, and even beyond. The Hackley Parents’ Association, currently led by Priya Krishna, is a volunteer organization committed to enhancing the Hackley experience through academic and social programs and activities. A rich calendar of events brings students, faculty, parents and alumni together, all in the spirit of partnership and community.

2016-2017 HPA President Krishna, a mother of two Hackley students, explained that the HPA is comprised of a president and nine board members who oversee 20 committees dedicated to various aspects of student life, across the three divisions: Lower, Middle and Upper Schools. Parents volunteer their time by organizing programs, events and fundraisers, including: Athletics (featuring Fall, Winter and Spring Stings), the Hilltop Series, the Tuck Shop, Coffeehouses, Parent Socials, Book Fair, Hornets’ Nest and Holiday Boutique. In addition to sponsoring and hosting programs and events, the HPA also supports Hackley financially. Mrs. Krishna said, “The HPA gives financial grants where faculty can ask us to purchase special things for their classrooms such as underwater cameras.”

As president, she enjoys overseeing the entire organization and the responsibility that comes with the job. She commented, “You get to see the school as a whole. You get to hear a lot of concerns from parents and to interact with administrators and faculty.”

One of the most recent activities organized by HPA members was the Hackley Appreciation Day Luncheon, an annual event which gives parents the opportunity to show their respect, admiration and gratitude to our faculty and staff. The luncheon committee created an extravagant menu and decorated Allen Memorial Hall on February 16 to look and feel like a restaurant. Parent volunteers even served the Hackley faculty and FLIK staff their delicious meals. The highlight of the luncheon was the beautiful dessert buffet featuring a wide variety of homemade and donated desserts. Mrs. Krishna noted, “I know parents who blocked the day in their work calendars months ago because they want to come back to thank the faculty.”

Another opportunity for parents to volunteer is the Tuck Shop. Debra Schwartz, co-chair for the past three years, said, “My favorite aspect would be when I do get a great fit of parents together for each shift that work well together.” While providing a hang out space and snack bar for students, the Tuck also brings parents of all grades together during shifts. Mrs. Krishna described this as one of her goals as president: “We have parent socials by division levels so parents can get to know each other. Especially in the Lower School because parents will be together for the next 10 or 12 years.”

According to Mrs. Krishna, the HPA is also trying to “make the Tuck Shop a healthier yet, more welcoming place for kids [by offering more health-conscious choices on the menu]. We are slowly trying to make changes, which hopefully will last. Little changes like these help foster a sense that the parents are in a partnership with the Hackley community.”

The HPA also aims to address concerns from parents about the Hackley community, serving as an advocate for the parents. Mrs. Krishna describes the organization as “a pathway between faculty and parents.” Passionate for the intense seven-day-a-week job, she added, “My favorite part is now I have so many friends on campus from parents, faculty, and administrators. I’ve met so many wonderful people here. I love solving people’s problems.”

Benjy Renton
HPA offers sweet thanks and appreciation.