Acting 1, 2, and 3 perform at the annual Acting Showcase


Credit: Benjy Renton

By Lei Anne Rabeje, Politics Editor

Students in Acting 1, 2, and 3 performed at the annual acting showcase on Thursday, May 11. Each year, acting classes hold a performance to showcase their talents. Each student is required to participate as their final grade in the class, and the whole Hackley community is invited to see their performance.

This year, Acting 1 performed “Check Please,” which featured freshmen Amanda Mooney, Madeline Zuckerman, Conor McMahon, and Patrick Schulman as the lead actors. The one-and-a-half hour show featured a series of blind dates, where each Acting 1 student is given a role as one of the dates.

Acting 2 showcased a series of monologues, and each student performed a monologue of their choosing. The monologues showcased each student’s talent and challenged them to captivate their audience through emotion and action.

Juniors Celia Gooding, Hannah Goodwin-Pierce, Tyler LaRoche, Kioni Marshall, Bea McColl, Nicole Mondrus, Ben Moskow, and Alexi Sandhu performed “Selfie” to close the show. “Selfie” was likened to the movie, “Breakfast Club,” by many. Each student played a quintessential high school student, from a junior amidst the college process to a young girl trying to find love. The play showed the progression of their characters through the seasons, showing their personal development throughout the play.