Sophomores Give Back to the Community During First Friday


Credit: Sydney Stoller

Students at Teatown Reserve remove invasive plants from gardens.

By Sydney Stoller, Assistant Online Editor

While the Freshmen build boats and Juniors write speeches, the First Friday activity for the Sophomore class is a community service trip that changes almost every year. The sophomores of the 2017-18 school year focused their efforts on saving the environment by lending a hand close to home. They helped to clean up Teatown Lake Reservation and Peabody Preserve, and also prepared the Sleepy Hollow Haunted House and Hayride for it’s many events this October.

At Teatown in Ossining, students aided the staff by weeding invasive plants, reinforcing stone steps, and hauling rocks to create a new, safe path for visitors. As a treat, they were even allowed to visit the Reservation’s exclusive wildflower island, where all of the growth is indigenous. The island was formed as a way to grow many plants without the invasion of deer and other animals who can not swim. The portion of the tenth grade who went to Peabody performed similar helpful tasks such as pouring wood chips to kill poison ivy, pulling invasive weeds from gardens, and picking up trash around the nature preserve. Finally, at Sleepy Hollow the activities performed were different than those completed at Teatown and Peabody. At Sleepy Hollow students separated costumes, moved building materials to their correct locations, and painted sets for the haunted house.

The Monday following first Friday each sophomore advisory sent a postcard to the places where they worked thanking the staff for the amazing and unique opportunity presented by performing community service at each respective place.