USA Day Rallies The Hive in Preparation for the Fall Sting


By Sydney Stoller, Assistant Editor

Monday, the halls were buzzing with Hackley apparel, Tuesday, stars and stripes decked the halls, and the rest of the week continued with various other spirit days, culminating on Friday with the Hackley community dressing in all black. The week of before the Fall Sting (Hackley’s seasonal homecoming), is known as Spirit Week on the Hilltop.

Students and faculty are encouraged to show school spirit by dressing in a specific theme assigned to each day. The assignments vary from year to year, with the Hackley Community Council in charge of making the final decisions. In the 2017-18 school year spirit was laid out with Monday as Hackley Spirit Day, Tuesday as USA Day, Wednesday as Beach Day, Thursday as Jersey Day, and Friday as Blackout Day. Students were given dress-downs on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday in order for them to more easily accommodate the themes presented.

Aside from dressing up, some spirit days also involve school-wide special events that each correlate to a specific theme. For example, during an Upper School break on USA day, student and faculty volunteers participated in the All-American activities of whipped cream eating and apple-bobbing while their peers and pupils cheered them on. Beach Day brought the distribution of leis by faculty and council-members throughout the Upper School to promote summery attire. Finally, on Friday the Hackley seniors playing varsity fall sports held a pep rally on the quad for the entire upper school. Senior captains perched on truck-beds and cars in order to pump up the Hive for the Sting which took place later Friday night.

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