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By Annabel Ives, Staff Writer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and there are many ways to get involved around Westchester. One of the best ways is to participate in the fight against breast cancer is to attend the “Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk” which was at Manhattanville College on October 15. If you couldn’t attend, make sure you still donate and go next year! There is also a Strides Against Breast Cancer locations in Ridgefield Park on Sunday October 29.

Photo credit: Lei Anne Rabeje
The Varsity Field Hockey team has a strong connection to the Breast Cancer Awareness movement. Throughout the month of October, the team dons their pink uniforms for games in order to show their support for the movement as well as spread awareness.

Hackley has a long tradition of sending students to the walk. The field hockey team has been going for over 25 years. Ms. Leffler said, “It started back a long long time ago—probably 25 years or more when Leslie Allen, who coached the middle school team, organized her team to go and so we have been trying to continue that tradition.”

Leffler also said that the walk has become personal for many athletes, like Katherine and Molly Harmon, and others have been touched personally.

It has become a way for the field hockey team to come together and support people in our community.

If you couldn’t attend any of those events, make sure to donate online and spread awareness around your community. One place to donate if you want to help support prevention research is the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. This California based foundation also hosts walks on the west coast, but donations are still available on their website. Another great organization to donate to is the Young Survival Coalition, which aims to serve women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 40.

Photo credit: Jenny Leffler
Girls Varsity Field Hockey has a long history of attending Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Pictured above are several alumni from the Class of 2016 attending the walk during their senior year.

The Pink Fund Inc. is another great organization. Breast cancer treatments are expensive and many women lose their livelihood trying to stay alive. Pink Fund Inc helps breast cancer patients get out of debt from the incredibly expensive procedures and check ups they have to go through on a daily bases. The organization was started by Molly McDonald, a breast cancer survivor who aims to help other women who were in her situation.

Another great way to raise awareness is to wear pink. Pink is the national color to represent breast cancer awareness. If you’re a fan of the NFL buy a pink jersey, part of the sale is donated to the national cancer association, and you get to support your team. Also at GAP 15% of selected products will be donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Though Breast Cancer Awareness month ends in October, action can be taken year round. All organizations are open to donations for the whole year, and it is important to spread awareness past October.

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