Fantasy Football Dial Article: Friendships form through Fantasy Football

Credit: Theo Saujet
Max Hardart and Joey Nadol discuss a trade during their free period and compare their fantasy teams.

Fantasy football has been very popular at Hackley School over the years, allowing fans to combine their love for football with their knowledge of the game. More importantly, though, fantasy football can be used as a social outlet, providing a consistent topic to talk about, helping to create and strengthen social relationships.

All fantasy football takes is the ESPN app and a friend league to play in.

Before the NFL football season kicks off in September, ESPN fantasy football drafts are held. During these drafts, all participants tune into the app looking at several drafts to pick their players for the year. After they pick their players, trade discussions begin. Trading is what makes fantasy football special – all teams are trying to trade their players for better ones, which sparks debate, conversation, and laughter.

“Fantasy football got me a lot closer with many of my friends and even made me friends,” said freshman Jack Perlman. After participating in fantasy football since middle school and transferring his league to high school, Jack has had a great experience with fantasy, interacting with his friends daily about it.

JT Goswami, a junior, also found fantasy football very meaningful to his high school experience. Overall, JT said that “fantasy football has made [his] high school experience so much more fun. [He] love[s] talking to friends about it, and it always brings something new to talk about.” He said that it also alleviated “some stress from Hackley’s academics.”

Fantasy football is also heavily present in the senior grade.

“I’ve gotten closer with so many people from fantasy […] it’s just a good way to connect with people,” said senior Joey Nadol.

Joey has been participating in fantasy football since the 6th grade, and from “going to people’s houses to watch football, and having more things to talk about with other people,” he has bonded with many of his peers through the game. Joey also participates in a fantasy football Snapchat group chat, a specific place where his league members can socialize about football.

Overall, fantasy football has clearly left a footprint on many Hackley students’ social life!