Tuck changes spark controversy


Credit: Nicky Wind

Before this year, students were free to buy sugary snacks and drinks at any point during the school day. This fall, that changed. Students have expressed their frustrations with the new policy, but have admitted that not being able to buy what they want has saved them a lot of money.

This year, students walking into the Tuck in the morning for a candy bar have been leaving empty-handed. The Tuck has recently implemented new rules which do not allow students to purchase any candy or iced tea until 2:00 PM. Those who regularly bought these foods before are not happy and are demanding a return to last year’s rules.

“The new rules will not accomplish anything. There is still unhealthy food available that people will turn to instead of the candy and iced tea,” sophomore Niky Dhakad said. Many students agree with Niky’s statement and believe that the new rules are not making the Tuck healthier, but are just taking away the food options they liked.

“I would often buy the semi-sweet iced tea in the morning. Now that it’s not available I just buy apple juice instead,” added Dhakad. The apple juice at the Tuck actually contains more sugar than the iced tea that Dhakad regularly purchased before the rule. This is what angers many students. They believe that the new Tuck rules are not lowering the amount of sugar they consume, but simply keeping them from the sweets they liked, therefore rendering them useless.

“I understand that they don’t want kids eating candy in the morning, but 10:45 is not really the morning anymore when we’re waking up at 6:30,” sophomore Mac Wyman added.

However, some students think the changes are positive. “I’m actually happy with the changes. I’ve noticed that I have spent a lot less money at the Tuck,” sophomore Callum Stewart-Wood said.

Students like Stewart believe the Tuck has majorly improved and is helping students spend less money along with eating healthier.