Students organize voter registration event

Credit: Eki Uzamere
Noah wanted to organize this event because “in the past couple of months, many young people — me included — have felt their voices will not be heard in this election simply because minors cannot vote. And to a large degree, it is true that our voices are not heard. So, I sought to find a way that I could both begin to take part in the democratic process and simultaneously involve my peers in civic engagement. Because 16 year olds in New York State can (as of January) register to vote, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to not only engage other students in American democracy, but also to allow future voters who are trying to be heard to take that first step towards casting their ballot.”

To celebrate National Voter Registration Week, students — Noah Tirschwell, Gainsley Korengold, Charlie Rudge, Zach Yusaf, Max Calman, Mira Zaslow, Kaitlyn Qu, Maya Miller, Jonathan Brewster, and Destiny Stephen — held a voter registration drive in the Grille Room during lunch to register student voters. Junior Noah Tirshwell organized the event which allowed students, 16 years and up, to register to vote. Those who are ages 16-17 at the time of registration will be all set to vote once they turn 18.